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Bomb Me Brazil

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Bomb me Brasil


Welcome to the police of the future, Crime Fighter Transformer! In this game you will be able to drive the futuristic police car that can transform into a flying vehicle with just a push of a button. Finish the mission so you can unlock the next level. Complete it before time runs out. You can also roam free and collect all boosters and ammos. Unlock all cars and achievements!

Developer: Studd Games Added on 06 Jul 2021

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In this third-person shooter, you are in a spaceship, where you will see a lot of monsters, aliens and strange plants. Use your brain and puzzle solving experience to solve all the problems along the way as you progress along the end of this shooting game. Shotgun, rifle, explosive barrels and even a flamethrower are at your disposal to complete your mission in this game.
Added on 07 Oct 2018

Alex 2D

A platform game based on the famous alex kidd from the 80's. Help the little boy Alex to get all the money and jump the platforms.